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The1000 Series progressive divider valve manifold distributes & proportions incoming oil or grease to bearings points. A typical divider valve manifold consists of an inlet section, 3 to 9 valves and an end section. One assembly can serve up to 18 lube points.

OPERATING SEQUENCE: Individual valve blocks operate in a pre-arranged progressive sequence. During operation, the piston within the block must complete a full discharge cycle before another piston begins operation. As long as lubricant is supplied under pressure to the inlet section of the divider, manifold valve block will continue to operate in a progressive manner. When lubricant flow is interrupted to the inlet block, piston movement stops. When flow resumes, piston movement commences at the same point in the discharge cycle. Feed lines deliver lubricant from the valve block to individual lube points. Should a discharge line become blocked, it will stop all the valves operating. Indicators are available to alert a blockage.

1000 Series Manifold
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