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ZJBM Positive Displacement Injectors (PDIs) deliver a fixed quantity of oil at the outlet connection during each discharge. This discharge can be monitored visually by an indicator pin mounted at end of injector. Lubricant flow at the outlet end of the injector causes the red indicator pin of the PDI indicator to pop up through the cap to show delivery. A decrease in line pressure will allow the spring-loaded indicator pin to reset itself in the indicator body until the next lubrication cycle.

ZJBM Injectors

PDI indicators may be installed on any PDI cyclic operation system.

System Requirements

System must build up a line pressure to 200 psi (14 bar) min. A pressure relief device must be used in the system to permit a pressure drop to approx. 5-10 psi (0.3-0.7 bar) and allow the PDI to fully reset.

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