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Rugged Construction

The FluidFlex System's rugged construction can withstand the most hostile manufacturing conditions. The cast aluminum reservoir is securely mounted to the system regulating components.For operator convenience, a liquid level and an air trap level gauge are pro-vided and are recessed into the reservoir to protect against accidental breakage.

Integrated Design

All FluidFlex controls - pneumatic and electrical- are contained within the unit and are sealed to protect against spilling when refilling the reservoir. The integrated design is ideally suited to a variety of applications. Separate fluid handling components are not required.


The FluidFlex System is easily adapted to either new or existing equipment. Separate distribution lines carry air and fluid to the application point for mixing just prior to discharge for maximum control.

The FluidFlex System is ideally suited for industrial processes highlighted below:

  • Stock feed lubrication
  • Conveyor chains
  • Moisture control
  • Cutting operations
  • Grinding
  • Milling
  • Glass forming/cutting
  • Woodworking
  • Baking
  • Metal forming
  • Punch and die lubrication
  • Punch and die cooling
  • Bar feeds
Flexible Design

A single FluidFlex System normally supplies up to 25 points requiring fluids. A variety of hose assemblies and jet tips are available to direct the fluid to critical points during operation.

The FluidFlex System is quickly and easily adaptable to specific machines or processes. A selection of either rigid, flexible, or manifold mounted Extension Jet assemblies is available. The system may be adjusted to deliver either continuous or cyclic fluid delivery.

Accurate needle adjustment at Extension Jet Body provides efficient end-point atomization control. Precise amounts of fluid are discharged to prevent flooding or residual fog or drift.

Extension Jets Available for Any Application

A variety of Jet dispensing types- from light sprays to heavy wet tip application -is available with the FluidFlex System. A specific fan pattern may be selected by specifying Bijur’s unique jet tip design. Depending on the application, either normal or high temperature nozzles may be selected.

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