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High speed, near dry machining places increased demands on metalcutting machinery. Requirements call for faster spindle operations, as well as increased control of lubrication system outputs to minimize fluid usage.

Bijur’s HyperFormance air/oil reclamation system provides machine tool users with lubricating air/oil mix control to optimize faster spindle operation and recirculate airborne particles to support uncontaminated near dry machining.

The HyperFormance air/oil reclamation system siphons air/oil droplets from enclosures to a central reservoir. On entering the HyperFormance reservoir, air/oil mix is simultaneously separated and clean filtered air released from the unit, while oil is collected in the recovery reservoir.

The system fully supports clean near dry machinery processes, benefits include:

  • Clean parts and clean machine (no oil contamination)
  • Uncontaminated chips (eliminates use of recycling cleaning process or expensive disposal fluid treatment - typically 10-15% manufacturing savings)
  • Safety and environvmentally friendly (clean air helps meet OSHA requirements)
  • Increased production efficiency (faster achievement of cutting speeds due to efficient spindle lubrication)

The HyperFormance air/oil reclamation system can be used to collect any enclosed spindle air/oil mix produced by commercial devices.

HyperFormance Reclamation Specialty System
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